Green Day Member Stunning LGBTQ Pride Photo Revealed


Green Day bassist Mike Dirnt has showed his love for the LGBTQ community by posting a gay pride photo on his social media after launching a fan art contest. The photo is called ‘Optimus Pride.’ Howard Stern recently reacted to a ‘loser’ Green Day remark.

“Very hard to pick a winner! but the contest was to see who could make me laugh the most! I loved everyone of the pieces of art that were drawn! Here is just a few of them. Everyone who submitted unicorns put your fingers up🖕You are all now in the bad ass rainbow unicorn gang and should be proud that you created art and said f*** it and f*** you at the same time! Have a great Saturday! 🦄 congrats to this sick little puppy below! 🤘🏽”

Billie Joe Armstrong ‘breaking down crying’ was revealed by a big name last week. MagikMatt recently posted a conspiracy theory about the new Green Day album on Reddit, “Is it safe to say that the album they are promoting (Father of All…) isn’t the album that we are going to be getting this January? It could just be me being a theorist fan but they have to know how much people are hating on the cover and on the songs. And it’s odd also how much they are leaning into it.

Not to mention I’m sure the record label has to be seeing the crazy theories going on about this being a ‘fuck you’ to the label. But yet they still fork the money over to have a single premiere during an NHL game? That is definitely not cheap and not something I think they would do if they knew they were getting a shit product of an album. So yeah just crazy theory talk but I feel like they could be messing with us and not the record label about this whole new album.” Green Day fighting at a radio performance was detailed recently.