Pearl Jam Huge Rumored 2021 Tour Revealed


Pearl Jam are now rumored to only tour in North America and Australia in 2020, with rumors that Europe will not get any shows, and may have to wait until 2021. Shows are not officially booked yet though, despite rumored tentative plans. Eddie Vedder was spotted in a photo recently with Courteney Cox.

Demetrios posted on the Ten Club board, “EU? Hearing no EU shows for 2020. Australian & North American shows in 2020. But again … rumors from close friends.”

dimitrispearljam posted, “No USA summer is booked at this moment.”

“I told you to save money for next year… you gonna need em.”

“If you ask me, I’m sure PJ have a plan to do a USA tour. But I don’t have secure info when, how many, shows, where, etc. The plan is a different thing than a done deal and a booked tour.”

JackD posted about prior European tour rumors, “PJ Online. Italian fanpage over at twitter. They said their source is independent (not Dimi) and it‘s the only city they heard of. So that guy on reddit seems to have a different source. I know. Pretty weak. But still no reason to mistrust so far. I‘m just reading between the lines.”

He also posted a prior Reddit rumor, “The EU tour will be 12 cities, London (in July), Stockholm and Bologna the ones I know for sure, the album will come out April/May, the delay is due to the vinyl pressing delayed longer than expected.“

There‘s a Lollapalooza in Stockholm btw. Last edition was on the last weekend in June. Just saying.” dimitrispearljam responded to the Reddit rumor with a laughing emoji. Eddie Vedder performed with The Who in Seattle over the weekend. Eddie Vedder recently ‘messed up’ a Pearl Jam classic.