Green Day Singer Filmed With A-List Actress In Bikini


Green Day singer Billie Joe Armstrong discussed going on David Letterman and seeing Demi Moore in a swimsuit on The Howard Stern Show last week. He also discussed “Wake Me Up When September Ends.” A Green Day radio performance beatdown was revealed recently. recapped: After the song Howard said that was some fuckin’ riff. He asked if they knew they nailed it when they laid it down. Billie Joe said he thought it was a breakthrough as a song writer. He said they had the song on the CD and he ran over to Tre’s house with it. He said he did a demo of it for him to hear. Howard asked if he’s in the song writing hall of fame. Billie Joe said he didn’t know there was one. Howard said it’s remarkable that they’ve been this prolific.

Howard Stern revealed if Billie Joe Armstrong is going bald yesterday. Howard said Demi Moore was on the show earlier. He said she was on Letterman in the bikini and Green Day followed her on that show. Billie Joe said he was thinking about that. Howard asked if they got to say hi to her. Billie Joe said he didn’t get a chance.

Howard said this tour is going to be amazing. He said that they didn’t get to say hi to the rest of the band. He quickly mentioned them. Howard said he remembers playing records when he started out in radio and he’s thinking about how great it is to be listening to these guys performing there with him. He said he’s getting emotional. Howard said he can’t think of a better way to go out. Howard wrapped up, gave the guys some plugs and ended the show around 2:15pm. Green Day made a stunning ‘last album’ announcement a few days ago.