Mick Jagger Girlfriend Bends Over At Beach Photo


The Rolling Stones singer Mick Jagger‘s ex-girlfriend Jerry Hall has an archives social media page that recently posted a photo of her preparing to jump into the ocean at the beach, along with a more recent photo of her surfacing with daughters Lizzy and Georgia May Jagger at a pool. Def Leppard recently revealed a ‘nasty’ Mick Jagger secret.

TurningToGold2 posted on IORR.org about rumored The Rolling Stones North American 2020 tour dates, “Yeah about the New Orleans date, the other night I spoke to my Jazz Fest source who is pretty well plugged in to the booking side of things.

I asked them about the Stones playing the Fest, and although I didn’t get a direct, flat-out verbal ‘NO!’ as an answer, it was pretty obvious from the reaction I got to the question, that I was barking up the wrong tree, and it’s not part of the plans. It was briefly looked at rescheduling the Stones at the Fest, in the early stages of planning, there was an element in the Stones camp that truly wanted to do it, but sadly it’s a no-go at this point.”

FlyoverStones responded, “A thought just occurred to me. I have not seen or heard any tour teaser/news related to NFL stadiums during the recent playoff games here in America. However, the Super Bowl is February 2nd in Miami at the Hard Rock Stadium.

Could they be planning one big tour announcement then? Perhaps one commercial right after the half-time show? It would get global attention.”

Nate asked, “Have you got any idea how much advertising costs at the Super Bowl.” MisterDDDD answered, “Indeed. But if they were ‘partnering’ with the NFL, the cost would be significantly less or even free depending on the deal and the promo.

Obviously they partnered with them last year on the merch, stadium management, promotion, et al., but can’t recall if they ended up doing any promo at or during the Super Bowl itself. Seem to recall there was something. I don’t think they will have that kind of arrangement this year with the NFL though. They’ve already released every(?) teams jerseys (tees) with combined logos, probably as part of last years deal.” Mick Jagger was recently accused of ‘faking’ a performance.