Tool Member Looks Miserable In Announcement Photo


Tool guitarist Adam Jones has announced in an Instagram photo that he appears to have a signature guitar in the works, “So excited 👀 Not officially official but *Good things happening at @gibsonguitar @gibsoncustom #1979 ~ 😙🎸🤘🏽🧬 #SilverBurst ~ photo buddy @travis_shinn.” Maynard James Keenan is set to appear on the Joe Rogan Experience on Monday to announce new Tool album details.

punkoso1982 commented, “Don’t look too happy in the picture though 😂😂”

vern_tony wrote, “You look sad 😳 It’s all perspective of course.”

malsongs said, “You don’t look excited. But I’ll take your word for it!”

willmel462 chimed in, “If it’s a signature model…well, then I’m finally gonna be buying a Les Paul signature model!”

An awful Tool and Zack de la Rocha lie was revealed this past week. Some Tool fans seemed skeptical that Maynard James Keenan will announce much on Joe Rogan, but Tool have become verified on Spotify and YouTube, all but confirming we are getting something substantial.

SpiralAg wrote on Reddit, “My guess is, we will get the name of the album and nothing else, and it will probably come via social media.

I think it’s likely Maynard doesn’t even talk about the new album on JRE. I don’t think we’ll get track names. I don’t expect they will release a single, so I don’t think there will be any single news. The only other potential announcement might be the format options, and pre-order info, but even that will probably come closer to release.”

Tool losing a close collaborator to cancer was recently detailed. Aerozeppelin35 said on Reddit, “I could see them releasing title and cover art in line with their past social media posts leading up to it, but I’m just happy to listen to him and Joe. Even if they talk very little about the album, those two are entertaining together.”