Vince Neil ‘Gets Wet’ In Motley Crue Swimsuit Photo


Motley Crue singer Vince Neil recently posted a pool swimsuit photo with his girlfriend Rain Hannah to celebrate his birthday. Michael Jackson’s family recently leaked a ‘very sick’ Motley Crue photo.

Vince wrote, “Thank you with all my heart to my girl @rainhannah for making another birthday very special!!!And to ALL my family, friends and fans who sent me lots of love, thank you! Love you all back!!! Salute to another year in the books!!

Motley-Fanatic posted on the Motley Crue Reddit about meet and greets for the stadium tour, “Hey guys, so since Motley Crue announced the Stadium tour with Def Leppard, I have been saving up for the Kickstart My Heart meet and greet package, but after hearing a couple things about it, I got concerned. If any of you have ever had paid for a meet and greet with them, how was your experience was it worth it? I’m asking for full details how it went down so I can have a full idea what I would be paying for. Thanks!”

Maynard_0101 responded, “I’m got two kickstart vip tickets. I’ve heard bad things too it’s more because of how quick it is. I think it might take longer tho cause there is a meet and greet then a photo op then a personal signing. The price adds up eventually because of the signatures, premium seating, and the little goodies plus the two hundred dollars in Motley Crue store. It is really up to you if your a diehard fan. I can’t blame them for it being quick they try their best to meet everyone but its almost impossible to have a conversation with everyone in the room.”

Motley-Fanatic commented, “Yeah it makes more sense. I am a real diehard Crue fan and I really wanna do it because I’ve missed that opportunity when I had it during their “final” tour and I wanted to take it once I get it. I’m currently waiting for a Vegas show to be added so once they do, I’ll buy it, but it also scares me if I’m gonna regret my decision.” Vince Neil recently called out a loser Motley Crue fan.