Ringo Starr Reveals What John Lennon Widow Did In Bed


The Beatles icon Ringo Starr recently revealed how John Lennon explained to him why his wife Yoko Ono was in bed in the studio. Ringo Starr recently revealed why The Beatles were falling apart.

Parade said
Parade added, “The image of Yoko in the original [Let It Be] movie is very weird, with her just hovering around.”

Starr responded, “I remember, she was in bed in the studio when we got to work and it was weird. I asked John, ‘What the hell is going on?’ And he said, ‘You know when you go home to Maureen [Ringo’s first wife], she’ll say, ‘What did you do today?’ And you‘ll say, Well, I drummed.’ John said, ‘We want to be there with whatever we’re both doing.’ They wanted to be in each other’s company. And that was fine by me, once you knew what the situation was.”

Gene Simmons recently revealed a surprising John Lennon and Beatles secret. Parade also asked how the very youthful looking Starr looks so great for his age, “How do you stay in such great shape?”

Ringo responded, “I get up in the morning and I meditate. I go to the gym and I have a trainer, and I work out myself too, when I’m on the road. I’m a vegetarian. When we’re on tour, to get out of the hotel, I usually go to the local organic shop just to see what they’ve got. But I’m only a vegetarian, not a vegan. I eat goat cheese. A vegan is very hard, and they eat a lot of sugar. I’m careful about sugar.”

Ringo Starr is currently on tour with his All Starr Band, and below is the setlist from Council Bluffs, Iowa on Friday.

Matchbox (Carl Perkins cover)
It Don’t Come Easy (Ringo Starr song)
What Goes On (The Beatles cover)
Evil Ways (Willie Bobo cover) (with Gregg Rolie)
Rosanna (Toto cover) (with Steve Lukather)
Pick Up the Pieces (Average White Band cover) (with Hamish Stuart)
Down Under (Men at Work cover) (with Colin Hay)
Boys (The Shirelles cover)
Don’t Pass Me By (The Beatles cover)
Yellow Submarine (The Beatles cover) (with ‘Day Tripper’ by The… more )
Cut the Cake (Average White Band cover) (with Hamish Stuart)
Black Magic Woman / Gypsy Queen (with Gregg Rolie)
You’re Sixteen (Johnny Burnette cover)
Anthem (Ringo Starr song)
Overkill (Men at Work cover) (with Colin Hay)
Africa (Toto cover) (with Steve Lukather)
Work to Do (The Isley Brothers cover) (with Hamish Stuart)
Oye como va (Tito Puente cover) (with Gregg Rolie)
I Wanna Be Your Man (The Beatles cover)
Who Can It Be Now? (Men at Work cover) (with Colin Hay)
Hold the Line (Toto cover) (with Steve Lukather)
Photograph (Ringo Starr song)
Act Naturally (Buck Owens cover)
With a Little Help From My Friends (The Beatles cover) (with ‘Give Peace a Chance’ by Plastic Ono Band chorus at the end)