Howard Stern Reveals What Bruce Springsteen Did To His Wife


Howard Stern discussed Bruce Springsteen, his Broadway show, and his son on his show last week. Dave Grohl called out a creepy Bruce Springsteen remark a few months ago. recapped: Robin said she had a friend who had a problem playing video games for hours. She said if they enjoy it then they can do it. she said everyone is wasting their time if you think about it. Howard said not everyone. He said Bruce Springsteen’s son got into the fire department. He said that was really cool. He said that kid has a life of privilege and he is in the fire department now. Robin said he’s in the Jersey City Fire Department. Robin said he’s 25 and he was a volunteer for years. Howard said that’s so great when your kid does something like that. He said he’s proud of his daughter for doing something that’s great but he’s not sure if he wants to mention it.

Howard said they asked Bruce about the whole thing and he said his son can handle himself. The caller said you know you’ve done something right when your kid does something like that. Howard said his daughter went over and delivered free health care to people who can’t afford it overseas. He said it was just wild. The caller said that’s amazing. Howard said he told his kids he’ll disown them if they take up puzzles.

Howard said it was really amazing when he read about Bruce’s kid. He said he’s very proud of his own kids too. He said it’s pretty cool when you see them doing something like that. Robin said this is the difference between being in the royal family or not. Robin said Bruce’s son had the option of doing anything in the world and he’s being of service. Howard said he loves that.

After the break they played Bruce Springsteen’s ”Tougher Than the Rest” as they were coming back.

Howard came back and said that’s a great song. He said it makes him very upset and sad. Robin said it has a sad quality to it. Howard said he’s not even sure what he’s saying. Robin said it’s something about going for the wrong men and he’s the right guy. Howard said he’s trying to make himself the good guy. Howard said he’s a great guy but he’s ugly and a shithead too. Howard said he gets what Bruce is singing about. He said he thinks he was singing this with his wife on Broadway. He said it really blew his mind. Howard Stern revealed a disturbing Bruce Springsteen demand last year.