Michael Jackson Daughter Makes ‘Embarrassing’ Slash Claim


Michael Jackson’s daughter Paris Jackson recently discussed Guns N’ Roses and Slash being called ‘hair metal.’ Michael Jackson’s daughter just unloaded on Slash disrespect.

A fan named James asked on social media, “Do you like metal?” Paris responded, “Yes. But what I consider heavy metal probably differs from your definition. back in the 80’s, heavy metal was what people today call hairbands (mötley, g’n’r, van halen, def leppard). i still call it heavy metal though. but i do also enjoy thrash metal like metallica / pantera.”

James shot back, “Awesome! I love thrash metal like Metallica and Pantera. I also like a lot of the “hairbands” like Scorpions, Skid Row, Ratt, Dokken as well as the ones you mentioned. And I like some modern metal, preferably melodic, i.e. trivium, All that remains older avenged sevenfold etc.”

Muhammad said, “I love Metallica but I prefer their old stuff like Ride the lighting, Master of puppets, And Justice for all. The hairy bands were called a Glam metal genre (I think so) so there is a way the big difference between Glam metal (hairbands, like Europe, Def Lepard, etc) \m/.”

AxlRoseCDII recently posted on MyGNRForum.com about rumors of Axl Rose and Slash finally releasing a new Guns N’ Roses album, “I just want to see something. Even if it’s not an album, an EP or Single, or even if they bust out Hard School, or just do some interviews saying there will be a new album (concretely and not super vague), it will show that their intentions may not to just be tour the same setlist for the rest of the band’s lifetime.

Axl isn’t getting younger. Assuming GNR retires when Axl is 66-67, the band has less than 10 years left, and I can realistically see this band trying to do this cycle until the retirement.” Slash recently posted a heartbreaking Neil Peart death photo.