Metallica Icon Leaks Horrible James Hetfield ‘Relapse’ Photo


One time Metallica bassist, Ron McGovney posted a status update on the health of James Hetfield recently as he posted this photo of the Metallica frontman via Twitter of a seemingly better Hetfield. McGovney stated: “He looks really good and healthy in this photo.” You can view this photo below. Metallica confirm James Hetfield ‘hiatus’ after rehab.

In other news regarding James Hetfield and Metallica, fans recently took to social media to reflect upon – ‘Ride The Lightning’. One of Metallica’s most iconic albums. One fan put: “Excellent sophomore release from Metallica. Metallica makes a huge jump in songwriting, and song structure with Ride the Lightning. First, Metallica is impressive in how we see them start writing ballads, for the first time. Fade to Black is very intricate, and slow with how the song starts, as is Fight Fire With Fire, and Call of Ktulu. Metallica definitely shows it’s softer side with these tracks, and their ability to be much more intricate. However, it’s clear to see how Dave Mustaine (Megadeth) has also heavily influenced this CD, as well. As this was the last CD Mustaine had any writing credits for.” James Hetfield ‘refusing’ to leave rehab for Metallica leaks.

The fan continued: “Metallica also is impressive about how they start to tackle other subjects besides death, and destruction, such as war, the death penalty, and suicide. Metallica lastly, begins to show us their signature style of writing very long songs. Call of Ktulu is like 9 minutes long, and amazing, from start to finish. If you are a Metallica fan and want to see a young, hungry, talented thrash band really flex their huge muscles, then Ride the Lightning is a must-have.”

While another fan said: “I have always loved this album since I first listened to it and the re-master just adds on to how great this album is. The sound quality improved, but it’s subtle. You can hear more of Cliff’s bass but it doesn’t sound like they turned it way up just so you could hear it. It really made Fade to Black sound so much more powerful particularly towards the end (after the “Goodbye”). James Hetfield left this huge Metallica tip at a  restaurant recently.