Jason Newsted ‘Devastating Loss’ Stuns Metallica Fans


Metallica superfan Haley D-Laine took to social media via Twitter to open up regarding one of the most devastating losses she has ever had to endure as a Metallica lover – the state of Jason Newsted’s height! What a tragic and sad thing to lament over for sure! D-Laine wrote: “Just discovered Jason Newsted is 5’9” please respect my privacy in this trying time as I begin to cope with this devastating loss” Jason Newsted rejecting Metallica money demand leaks. 

In other news regarding Metallica, The music world has been recently mourning the passing of acclaimed Rush drummer Neil Peart who passed away this week after a battle with brain cancer. The other day, beloved Metallica member Lars Ulrich took to social media via Instagram to pay tribute to the fallen drummer by posting this powerful, touching and most heartfelt statement reflecting on the life of Peart and how Neil influenced Ulrich along the way.

Metallica Singer James Hetfield ‘Getting Out’ Of Rehab Leaks. Ulrich wrote: “Thank you Neil. Thank you for inspiring me and for all your help and advice along the way, especially in the early days when you took the time to talk to a young green Danish drummer about recording, gear and the possibilities that lay ahead. Thank you for what you did for drummers all over the world with your passion, your approach, your principles and your unwavering commitment to the instrument! Rest In Peace.

Fans responded to Ulrich’s touching tribute in kind – AdamFerris1 wrote: “Well said Lars! His teaching isn’t dead. He’ll still be teaching well into the future.” Whereas Slimboy1977 said: “Fantastic tribute from an amazing drummer to the finest to hold the sticks. RIP Mr Peart.” James Hetfield’s anger at Jason Newsted for quitting Metallica leaks.