Jimmy Page Disgusting Drinking Video Revealed


Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page‘s official Instagram account posted this throwback commercial for Great Shakes. Great Shakes was a milkshake-like mix that was sold back in the 1960s and 1970s.  You took the powder, poured it into an included cup, added milk, sealed it with its included lid, and shook it until it turned into a shake. This Jimmy Page brutal concert attack was recently revealed.

Jimmy Page and his supergroup, The Yardbirds recorded the commercial’s catchy jingle. You can view Page’s post about Great Shakes below.  Jimmy Page revealed if he’s finished working on music earlier this month.

During the course of the recording at IBC Studios in London, I discovered what Great Shakes was all about because two American people appeared from the control room, one carrying a sachet in one hand and a glass of milk in the other. The packet was torn and dispensed what appeared to be flavored granulated sugar and probably other ingredients. It was poured into the milk, stirred up and offered round for everyone to drink. It was essential that we did this before we continued recording; apparently, this was de rigueur when it came to commercials and products.⠀

It’s a pity we hadn’t done a commercial for Mercedes.” Jimmy Page described a ‘disturbing’ record with a woman not too long ago.