Jimmy Page Girlfriend ‘Gets Wet’ In Pool Photo


Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page‘s girlfriend Scarlett Sabet recently posted a photo of herself by a pool where she appears to have gotten a little wet. Michael Jackson’s daughter recently leaked a painful Jimmy Page secret.

She also recently wrote, “Happy birthday to my darling Jimmy. A King of a man. There is no one like you. You’ve changed my life and shown me what true love feels like. I love you with all my heart. You inspire me everyday with your beauty, your strength, your dignity, your passion, creative genius and imagination.

You’re like no other. Your strength is infinite. You’re a loyal friend and a most dedicated father. I’ll never stop trying to describe the alchemy and magic of your spirit and soul. ❤️”

She added in another post, “Listening to ‘For Jack’ in the studio with @johnkeithdavis1 and Jimmy the day we cut Catalyst to vinyl. Incredibly surreal, and very exciting. Only 5 people had heard Catalyst the day it came out! Jimmy swore me to silence.

This is the day John, the fifth person heard it. John is legendary in his field so it was special to work with. Pretty magical to work with Jimmy too… ‘For Jack’ is my eulogy/love song to memorialise Jack Kerouac. What he was, what he became, how he was, what he suffered. I turn to look at the man behind the camera when I say his name in the poem xxx 🎥 by @jimmypage.” Jimmy Page made a bold Scarlett Johansson bedroom claim last week.