Jimmy Page Goes To Prison In Terrifying Photo


Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page recently took to social media via Instagram to share a story about how he played an all-female prison back in 1961 with early British rock and roll group, Neil Christian and the Crusaders. In addition, Page revealed how the inmates rioted shortly after their set. This Led Zeppelin icon confirmed final show with a big name recently.

On this day in 1961, I played Holloway Prison with Neil Christian and the Crusaders. During my time with Neil Christian and the Crusaders, the band had somehow managed to get a booking to do a concert at Holloway Women’s Prison, London. Before playing we had to go to the Governor’s office where she asked us to give our word that if we knew anyone on the inside we would keep it a secret on the outside. We played a show to the inmates who were dressed in washed-out yellow, green, blue and red faded floral print dresses and wearing homemade mascara, using the charcoal from burnt matches. After the show it became evident that quite a large percentage of the women enjoyed themselves as by the time we got back to the Governor’s office we could hear the prisoners rioting. But strangely the Governor appeared oblivious to the hubbub!

Jimmy Page was devastated by Led Zeppelin cancer news recently. Page’s many fans reacted to the story as soon as it was posted on Instagram. One fan, Cgonzoforit wrote: Fun times. I sure enjoyed my teenage years but never started a riot in a women’s prison.”

Whereas Justjillianr said: “I’m sure the women were rioting over which band member they were going to kidnap for the night! You look so young in this photo Jimmy. When I think of the scope of your career it is unparalleled. It must be wonderful to reflect on your lifetime experiences.”

And Zag0018 replied: “What a story! I was lead guitar for the Fatback Band in 1971 and had a gig for a prom in a middle school in Rockwood Tenn – during one of the intermissions one of the middle schoolers who looked about 11-12 years old came up to me and offered me some “really good acid” I remember thinking to myself “God help us “ if these tiny kids are dabbling in that.” Jimmy Page took a brutal shot at Depeche Mode the other week.