Robert Plant Savagely Calls Out Jimmy Page ‘Travesty’


Robert Plant revealed how he and Jimmy Page created a ‘travesty’ and ‘dark’ Led Zeppelin masterpiece with “The Battle of Evermore” on the latest episode of his Digging Deep podcast. Alternative Nation transcribed his comments. Robert Plant recently revealed a heartbreaking funeral photo.

“I was very, very fortunate in the Zeppelin camp, because there was a a lot of amazing variety of stylistic influence in everybody’s playing. The Battle of Evermore, just as an instrumental piece was beautiful.

It was also the way it sounded, it had some kind of essence of heralding, of drawing people together, of summoning a mindset. I know that sounds insane, but The Battle of Evermore is almost a an adventure in some dark place once upon a time where the people are called together.

Robert Plant revealed the bold truth about Jack White a couple of weeks ago. Plant added, “There’s some kind of fanfare, so you have two parts of the story. You have the fact of the impending travesty on the one hand, and on the other hand you have this call to unity. As a song, I suppose really, it’s a great moment, but I’d started to write it so you had a section A that would be a disaster, then a section B that was the triumph and the rallying, and I tried to sing them both.

It was a very, very insane idea. Obviously I could drop all of the section A vocals in, and do another pass and put in the answers or compliments. First of all it didn’t sound right in one voice, or one pitch. Second of all it might be a little interesting to consider that at least Jimmy and I were running side by side with the incredible string band, and Roy Harper.” AC/DC guitarist Angus Young ripping Led Zeppelin was revealed yesterday.