Motley Crue Reunion Tour Dates Leaked By Big Name


A Motley Crue reunion tour leaked on Thursday, with Radar Online claiming the band have been offered $150 million by Live Nation to reunite for 2020 tour dates following the success of their Netflix biopic ‘The Dirt,’ with a North American run featuring shows in major cities like Los Angeles and New York being offered. The rumor stated that there are some holdups blocking a tour, including tension with Tommy Lee and Vince Neil, a request for Vince Neil to lose 40 pounds and get treatment, and a demand for Tommy Lee to go to rehab. Steven Tyler taking a brutal shot at a Motley Crue icon was revealed a few days ago.

Eddie Trunk tweeted on the same day, “Hearing all kinds of news from many sources about several soon to be announced bands reuniting, retired bands coming back, broken up bands getting back together.. literally everyone is on tour or will be it seems. It is all about the road these days!”

The timing of the tweet is interesting, as Trunk had said earlier this year that Motley Crue are ‘on the clock’ when it comes to seeing if they will keep their word after retiring from touring at the end of 2015. All of Motley Crue appear to have 2020 open as far as their schedules, with Vince Neil being the only member who regularly tours.

A Motley Crue member recently revealed what he did to a babysitter. Nikki Sixx released a new Sixx A.M. song called “Talk To Me” recently but said there aren’t any plans to tour or do a full album, and while Tommy Lee is planning a new solo album, he doesn’t currently have any touring plans.

Motley Crue wouldn’t be the first rock artist to go back on a retirement claim, as Ozzy Osbourne retired in 1992 before returning in 1995, and he is currently on a break from his second retirement tour. KISS retired in 2000 and quickly returned, and they are on their farewell tour, which they recently said will last at least two more years. Rage Against The Machine and My Chemical Romance reunited earlier this week. A Motley Crue member partied with an A-list actor before his death.