John Lennon ‘Intimate’ Photo With Woman Before Shooting Leaks


The official Instagram account of the famed co-founder of the Beatles, John Lennon took to social media to post the following retro and throwback photo of Lennon and then-wife Yoko Ono walking down the street, holding hands. You can view it below. John Lennon family reveals bad Jimi Hendrix death photo.

In other news revolving John Lennon and Yoko Ono fans of the popular duo took to social media to look back on one of their last albums recorded together as a couple – Double Fantasy. John Lennon called The Beatles icon ‘freak’ before shooting.

One reviewer noted: “Another illicit release of solo Beatles albums. John and Yoko’s final albums together Double Fantasy and the posthumous Milk and Honey. The 1980 album came after a five-year sabbatical where Lennon was doting dad to young Sean and Ono became businesswoman and breadwinner. After this period of domestic bliss, the pair of them were ready to return to the studio. Earl Slick, Hugh McCracken, Tony Levin, and others back the power couple on the twin albums. The plan was to record both of them together but the Crimbo deadline meant Milk and Honey had to wait for the following year. We all know far too well what would happen a few weeks after the release of the first album. It would take three years before Yoko could assemble the next one. Most of her tracks were recorded then. The Brownings-inspired “Grow Old with Me” and “Let Me Count the Ways” are presented in demo form.”

The fan continued: “Lennon’s last recording was never recorded the way he hoped it would be though a remix by George Martin with orchestration appears on the solo Anthology though it was considered for the Beatles proper one the sound quality was compromising as it was with the still officially unreleased “Now and Then”. “Nobody Told Me” was going to be recorded by Ringo Starr for Can’t Fight Lightning but it was not in his register and for other obvious reasons was unable to record it. The tropical flavor on “Beautiful Boy (Darling Boy)”, “Borrowed Time” and “Forgive Me (My Little Flower Princess)” comes from Lennons holidays in Bermuda, the only UK territory he would visit after 1971 (even meeting a fan from Sheffield on one trip). “(Just Like) Starting Over” would be his last solo US #1. I’m trying not to write too much of what was done before. It does make sense that these two albums are both on this disc though I heard Milk and Honey first years ago. The pair of these show that John & Yoko have moved beyond Unfinished Music and Plastic Ono Band. The Beatles, bed-ins, and activism are all put to bed as they had high hopes for the new decade.” John Lennon ‘getting hard’ comment finally revealed.