John Lennon Looks Strung Out On Heroin In Sad Photo


The official Instagram account for late The Beatles icon John Lennon posted the following photo. The photo is actually of Lennon wearing one of The Beatles signature frilly shirts from a promotional tour for their masterclass album, Sergeant Pepper’s Lonely Heart Club Band. In addition, this photo in particular was shot over at Brian Epstein’s house. John Lennon lost massive money before his death. You can view the post below:

John Lennon wearing a frilly shirt and sporran at the press launch for @TheBeatles‘ new album ‘Sergeant Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band’, held at Brian Epstein’s house, 24 Chapel Street, London, 19 May 1967.

John Lennon revealed who Paul McCartney ripped off. However in the comment section of the Instagram post, things got heated as fans of The Beatles icon pointed out some comments about Lennon’s alleged weight loss and how he was on allegedly on drugs and looked like he was on drugs.

hxrish on Instagram wrote: “He lost a lot of weight from 66-67”

Alejandro.1838 responded back to the user, simply:“drugs”

To which fellow Instagram user debra1282 stated to Alejandro.1838: “Yeah don’t like that look was so handsome 64-66.” John Lennon called this member of The Beatles a ‘Loser’.