John Lennon Widow Reveals Bad Haircut Before Death


The official Twitter account for John Lennon decided to ring in the new year by sharing these series of photographs of Lennon and Yoko Ono. The photos are from New Years’ 1970 in which the happy couple decided to sport new haircuts to usher in a ‘new decade of hope’. You can view them below. John Lennon ‘breaking guitar’ after shooting revealed.

In other news regarding John Lennon and Yoko Ono, fans recently took to social media to discuss the legacy and impact of ‘Double Fantasy’ – one of the duo’s most revered albums.

Paul McCartney brutally rips John Lennon family. One fan replied: “Although Double Fantasy remains a classic album, it is still a mixed bag of songs, thanks primarily to Yoko’s uneven contributions. But not all of her tracks are bad. Lennon clearly carries the weight with his catchy tunes and all of them are winners. And while I love “Starting Over,” “Watching the Wheels,” and “Woman”….”I’m Losing You” is my personal favorite for its edginess and anger. Most Lennon fans (myself included) will always hear his Double Fantasy tracks with a sense of irony and sadness. Unfortunately, Lennon’s murder on December 9, 1980, was the day the music died for me. I know I’m not alone in this. While I normally would give an album like this 4-stars…I can’t. I love it because it is the last finished album he ever made and it was exactly what Beatles fans had been waiting for.”

While another fan put: “I’ve never done this. I’m a 64-year-old hippie, I hate CDs, I’m into only vintage audio, vinyl, and tape. Recently I viewed an “American Masters” program, it was John Lennon’s life in NYC from him and Yoko’s arrival in the early ’70s until his murder. Obviously “Double Fantasy” was his last work. Unknown to most folks was the harrowing experience he had just prior to the recording of this album. It involved a charted sailboat voyage he undertook from Newport to Bermuda in June 1980. His intention was to relieve his writer’s block. His actions on the voyage probably saved the lives of all folks on board the 43′ Hickley sailboat. In the weeks following his arrival in Bermuda, all of his songs included on this album were written. Mission Accomplished! I was lucky to find an almost new audio cassette which I purchased through Amazon. Not only is the material excellent, but this is also a late analog technology recording, the best ever offered on either tape or vinyl, it’s wonderful and I’m certain that an original vinyl would be just as good. Bottom line…if you have a turntable, or high-end cassette deck, by all means, indulge yourself!” John Lennon widow brutal ‘struggling’ photo revealed.