John Lennon ‘Breaking Guitar’ After Shooting Revealed


The official Twitter account for John Lennon recently tweeted and has since deleted a tweet about a 1970’s shooting, and how Lennon used to ‘break’ his guitar in response. There was no follow-up or revised tweet or explanation given to why the tweet was deleted. Paul McCartney brutally rips John Lennon family.

In other news revolving John Lennon, fans recently took to social media to discuss one of Lennon’s most signature solo albums – ‘Rock N’ Roll’

One fan proclaimed: “I’ve been listening to this album for over 25 years. Nice to have it remastered and with the bonus material. Simply great. However, try this- I’ve made an “alternate” John Lennon Rock ‘N Roll album by taking all of the John Lennon sung Beatles covers such as “Money”, “Bad Boy”, “Slow Down”, “Anna”, etc. Enough to make a whole album. Play that back to back with this and you will see a difference. First, as great as John sounded in 1973-1974 when he recorded these songs, it is NOT the John Lennon of 1963-1965.”

John Lennon widow brutal ‘struggling’ photo revealed. The fan continued: “This is something that you never hear John Lennon fans talk about- His voice changed quite a bit as he got older. In fact, the change is almost as dramatic as the change in his physical appearance. He looked like a street tough thug when he was in his early 20’s (just look at this album cover). He looked quite a bit wimpier in his 30’s. The difference is not just the clothes, hair, etc. He changed. Secondly, the production- No overproduced horns used on the Beatles cover songs! And you can’t blame Phil Spector for all of this- He actually only produced four songs on this album.

The fan also said: “Want a real taste of what could have been? Try playing “Sweet Little Sixteen” from this album back to back with the same song done by the Beatles live on the BBC in 1963. Better still if you can find it, the same song done by the Beatles live at the Star Club in 1962. Whoa. So why 5 stars? Well, a not-quite-in-his-prime John Lennon singing on a slightly overproduced album is still amazing stuff!”

John Lennon ripped The Beatles ‘fraud’ before death. The fan concluded by saying: “Lennon snarling out the vocal on “You Can’t Catch Me” is worth it alone. I can’t pay it any higher compliment than saying it doesn’t get any greasier than this one. I’ve never once heard a compliment of it, but “Just Because” is simply incredible. Blows the original out of the water. Also, once again, very greasy stuff! Enough has been said about “Stand By Me”, so not any need for me to add anything. Overall, some fantastic material here- especially if you are already a Lennon fan and also like 50’s music.”