Paul Stanley Reveals Cancer Diagnosis To KISS Fans


Acclaimed KISS frontman Paul Stanley took to social media via Twitter recently to seek the thoughts and prayers for the son of the renowned magician, Criss Angel. Angel’s son, Johnny Christopher is going through chemotherapy treatment and Stanley decided to use his massive platform to request prayers for the family and the child during this time of need. Gene Simmons reveals ‘dying’ Paul Stanley photo.

Stanley wrote: “PLEASE Start the new year by sending a prayer for Johnny Christopher as this little guy continues to battle his illness. No parent or child should EVER have to go through this.”The KISS singer then followed up later on in the day with this message: “PLEASE send your prayers to my buddy Criss Angel’s little boy Johnny Christopher who is undergoing chemo. No parent or child should go through this.”

You can view the series of tweets below. Alternative Nation would also like to send our deepest thoughts and prayers towards the family during this time. In other news regarding KISS and Paul Stanley, fans recently took to the KISS fan forum, KissFAQ to discuss which KISS lyrics resonate with them the most. KISS member unloads on ‘clown’ Paul Stanley.

One fan said: “Not known for their resonation there are a few that actually do mean something to me and was a message in my life. I Within and Get All You Can Take. The latter a lot. None of the known songs have that deeper meaning.”

While another forum user, Andy Capp put: “One of old Andy’s favorites is –“Lookin’ Out My Window Sometimes I Wonder… Am I Ever Gonna Get To Where I’m Gonna Go-oooo‚ Maybe Tomorrow‚ Maybe Next Summer” Those words always make old Andy teary-eyed.”

And So Cruel responded: “Sometimes when I’m awake at night thinking about life’s meaning this one resonates: I’d like to say a word or two, about the women we all seem to know. They’re all around us, they’re everywhere. You meet them at this place and then meet them there. Then you decide to pick a mate. Because you’re tired of all those dates, of all those dates.” Paul Stanley ‘bloated fraud’ photo surprises KISS fans.