Eddie Van Halen Family Stunned By Emergency Room Visit


Eddie Van Halen‘s wife Janie recently posted a beautiful photo of herself in a yoga pose, leading to a fan saying they had an emergency room visit looking exactly the same.

Janie said, “#goodmorning #riseandshine #haveagreatday.” A fan named Tim Grill responded, “I was once taken to an ER in that exact same position. Don’t ask me how I got that way.” Janie responded with a laughing and crying emoji.

Adam Sandler dropped a painful Eddie Van Halen bombshell last week. There have been rampant rumors about the status of Van Halen, with talk of a reunion tour with Michael Anthony before Eddie Van Halen allegedly had his throat cancer come back.

Gillcavendish posted on Reddit about a potential new Van Halen album, “Would love some brand new Van Halen songs? What are the chances of a new album at this point? Heck I’d settle for a new DLR solo album if a new VH ain’t happening!”

ChrisPummer responded, “Doesn’t sound like any chance. I mean, I was surprised by ADKOT when it came out after a couple years of radio silence following the 2007-08 reunion tour. But now Roth is booking other projects like the Vegas shows, another Hagar reunion seems like it is a non-starter for the brothers, and I can’t imagine they’d try to do something with another singer.

I’ll bet we do eventually hear that album Roth did with John 5. Nobody really knows what’s in the 5150 vault, or if Ed even wants to share it with anyone, now or ever.”

Gillcavendish posted, “I have to agree. Hard to imagine VH reforming in any way. Then again, you can never know. If the band is healthy and one of their former singers is also healthy and willing, then there’s always a chance.”

ChrisPummer chimed in, “I think the biggest problem, outside of maybe health concerns, is that Ed needs someone to help focus his work, but also can’t work collaboratively with anyone without feeling domineered. Having Wolfgang in the band seems like it helped smooth that over for a while, but I think he still has a hard time, maybe especially with Roth, whom he has to share credit for the bands legacy with.

Like you, I’m holding out hope everyone is healthy and happy enough to maybe do another tour. That or anything beyond would feel like a bonus from the state of things the few years after that 2004 tour with Hagar.” How Michael Anthony ‘blew it’ with a Van Halen bandmate 2019 announcement was revealed a couple of weeks ago.