Keith Richards Massive Concert Paycheck Revealed


The Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards is getting paid handsomely these days according to a new Billboard box score. Once you split the gross four ways and account for expenses, he should be getting a nice 7-figure pay day! Howard Stern made a bold Keith Richards remark last week.

Artist: The Rolling Stones, Des Rocs
Venue: Philadelphia, PA – Lincoln Financial Field
Date: July 23, 2019
Gross Sales: $11,741,373
Attendance/Capacity: 51,115 / 51,115
Ticket Prices: $499.50, $399.50, $99.50, $29.50

Artist: The Rolling Stones, Bishop Gunn
Venue: Houston, TX – NRG Stadium
Date: July 27, 2019
Gross Sales: $11,068,397
Attendance/Capacity: 45,958 / 45,958
Ticket Prices: $499.50, $399.50, $125, $29.50

Artist: Iron Maiden, The Raven Age
Venue: Brooklyn, NY – Barclays Center
Date: July 26-27, 2019
Gross Sales: $2,528,980
Attendance/Capacity: 24,151 / 24,151
Ticket Prices: $143.50, $43.50

Artist: Iron Maiden, The Raven Age
Venue: Philadelphia, PA – Wells Fargo Center
Date: July 30, 2019
Gross Sales: $1,142,723
Attendance/Capacity: 11,975 / 11,975
Ticket Prices: $129.50, $49.50

Mick Jagger mocked a big name no show at a Rolling Stones concert last week. GasLightStreet0 posted on about the rumored new Rolling Stones album, “With the Stones, the end of an era is coming the forefront loudly: their last album (if they finish it and release it) will be tied to the end of the album a whole.

It will be the last hurrah for the big labels. The big labels will hold on to the old mind set and offer deluxe blah blah blah of albums and for streaming while the general public drifts towards:

Their hits, which are the hit singles – and nothing else – unless somebody does a blog about Slave or CYKMH or Memory Motel or some long song as well as by someone else that harkens back to the genre of so and so doing such and such and The Rolling Stones were a part of that and… everyone moves on to the latest post about whatever or whatever cocktail is trending that week.

The entire thing is shutting down very soon: The Who, The Rolling Stones, The Beatles and a number of other bands and artists that are still going that are from the 1970s and what, mid 1980s, that are connected deeply to the album are about to stop.

There will be a big shift in music consumption mentality once that happens.

Which is unfortunate, really, because albums, as a whole, are works of art.

Art, in the traditional sense of how it’s happened for the past 50 (or more) years regarding commercial consumption and existence, is a kickstand on a bike with rusted flat wheels.

HONK will be a best streamer eventually, if they do nothing else, for another 50 years… until everyone dies off that gives a shit at all.” Mick Jagger left a stunning tip at a restaurant last week.