Keith Richards Spotted With Bandmate’s Ex-Wife


The Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards and his wife Patti Hansen were spotted with Ronnie Wood’s ex-wife Jo Wood at their daughter Theodora’s wedding recently in New York, Jo told RNZ. Wood said she is in ‘close contact’ with Keith, Patti, and their family. Jo and Ronnie were married for 31 years before divorcing, with Ronnie moving onto a new relationship with a younger woman. Keith Richards’ daughter revealed that Guns N’ Roses icon she ‘loves’ recently.

“I adore and love him, and I adore and love Patti too. They’ve been great friends to me. You know, even though Ronnie and I aren’t together, they’ve still been really-loyal friends to me.”

“They’re all good, Keith and Patty are great. I just went to their daughter’s wedding and about a month ago in New York, Ronnie was there and we sat and chatted. He’s happy with Sally [Humphreys] and he’s got these two beautiful little girls.

“Mick is… I don’t know what girl he’s going out with it moment. I think he’s still with a ballet dancer.”

She also said she has forgiven Ronnie, despite a heartbreaking divorce. “When I got over my initial heart ache, I thought ‘pick yourself up Jo forgive your husband’ – ex-husband – you know, we were together for 31 years. And we had great fun, we’ve got great kids and will always have that connection.”

“It was a great time for me. I mean, I was very lucky to experience that, I forgave him and got on with my life.”

Keith Richards’ wife recently discussed a bad health scare. DoityWoik discussed Ronnie Wood discussing plans for a new The Rolling Stones album and tour in 2020 in a new post, “New tour? – Most likely. See also Ronnie’s statement in Der Spiegel.

New album? – I’ll certainly make no predictions here. Reconsidering the puzzle approach that Ronnie mentioned, let’s hope that what we get will still be the Rolling Stones and not the Stirring Pebbles…

New tour supporting the new album (in case there is one)? – However great or botchy the album should turn out to be, I don’t think one should hope for a tour in support of a new album in the meaning this had in the old days. If they really intend to play more than one new song (that is, two, three or maybe even four) this would call for a tour of Europe, where they seemingly are a bit more daring (setlist wise) than in the US or the rest of the world.”

You can read the full Jo Wood piece at RNZ.