Keith Richards Wife Reveals ‘Severe’ Health Scare


The Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards‘ wife Patti Hansen took the temperature of their sick daughter Theodora over the weekend, after she was given ‘severe’ medication.

Theodora wrote on social media, “When your medicine is called severe…🙄” She added in another photo, “Mama taking my temperature with a piece of Star Trek material. Yes I am 34 1/2.”

The Black Crowes revealed a brutal shot from Keith Richards recently, yet despite this they covered “It’s Only Rock n’ Roll (But I Like It)” at their first reunion show recently.

ShawnMO24 said, “I’ve seen the Crowes 4 times live, including a show on the short tour they did with Jimmy Page. They released a CD of Stones covers, but I’ve yet to locate a copy for myself…’s very hard to find. They are a great band and I look forward to seeing them live once again next year, even though all the original members won’t be on stage. Lets not forget that the current carnation of the Stones isn’t the original band, but we still love & support them!”

Mr. Lawyer wrote, “So I enjoyed their concert many years ago which is rare, as I am a Stones purist unlike the vast majority here who go to any big name act and helped defeat the Stones touring gross. There is also Rich Robinson’s playing of ‘Winter’ which is very cool…”

ShawnM024 chimed in, “They released a CD some years back which is all Stones covers and is titled ‘Crowing Stones.’ I’m still looking for a copy of this and if anyone would have one or every come across one, I’d gladly buy it……It’s been tough to find…” Mick Jagger ‘needing a doctor’ after a sad performance was revealed last week.