Michael Anthony Breaks Silence On Van Halen Disrespect


Former Van Halen bassist Michael Anthony has reacted to bandmate Sammy Hagar hilariously disrespecting Carrie Underwood’s American Music Awards victory. Underwood won ‘Best Country Album’ and Hagar uploaded a funny video in response. An Eddie Van Halen bandmate begged for prayers in a video a few days ago.

Sammy Hagar wrote, “So sorry to interrupt Carrie but I got so excited when I realize I had one of those. #awards #americanmusicawards #funnyshit #getyourbuzzon #vanhalen1991 #forunlawfulcarnalknowledge #familyclown #familylaughs #ama #amaawards.”

Sammy’s daughter Kama commented, “Alright #kanyewest.” Michael Anthony responded, “Hahahaha, looks just like mine!!”

Howard Stern revealed why Van Halen fired Michael Anthony a couple of weeks ago. Sammy Hagar recently announced that he will embark on a 40 date tour next year in North America, his biggest in years. With Hagar in his early 70’s, it could be the last chance for many fans to see him in certain cities if he never does a larger tour again.

Nostalgia Act responded on VHLinks.com, “Had to be pushing 40 dates this year. I’ll go as long as the old man tours, although I’d like to see him pull out some deeper cuts.”

Mike Zack wrote, “I’m going to make it a point to go see them if they come to the Boston area. May be the last time seeing Sam and Mike.”

JRK5150 said, “We had fun at their show in May. They were good. But I wish he had a better guitarist than Vic [Johnson]. Especially on the VH tunes…”

Yaminub chimed in, “I love Vic in the band but he’s no Eddie Van Halen. There are just parts where he’s just objectively playing it wrong, it’s not even about the feel. But that’s okay. He doesn’t need to play it like Ed. That doesn’t matter to me. I don’t go see them to hear him pretend to be Ed, naw, I go to see the Circle and I have a great time.

I’m definitely going to see them this year. I hope they play Hampton Coliseum, it’s a great venue and he met his wife there!” A Guns N’ Roses icon called out Eddie Van Halen disrespect last week.