Pearl Jam Stunning Saturday Night Live Rumor Leaks


Pearl Jam are rumored to have a 2020 world tour and new album in the works, the band have just started following Saturday Night Live on Twitter, fueling rumors that they could play the show on their next album tour. Pearl Jam last performed on SNL on March 13, 2010 on the Backspacer tour, so if they returned in 2020 it will have been a decade since their last time on the classic NBC series.

Verceman responded to the news on the Ten Club boards, writing, “Why else would these artists start following SNL, besides that they will soon be announced as Musical Guests?”

SandyRavage said, “Social media handles are run by 3rd party accounts (i.e. Ed or Stone isn’t sitting there on Twitter saying ‘Oh! SNL, we played that a couple times. lemme give it a follow.’) …but you knew that.

Rather, the people that run the accounts follow things like SNL to make the interaction between each other easier. For instance, if i were to try and tag SNL in a post by not following them, there’s a chance it won’t won’t come up with a link to their account, BUT if I follow them and try to tag them, there’s a better chance they will come up. You have to think like a 40-50something running this account. Because that’s exactly who is running these accounts.”

Eddie Vedder recently performed with SNL icon Adam Sandler. Verceman then posted, “My thinking was that whoever is managing Pearl Jam’s social media is following SNL so when SNL posts that Pearl Jam is playing an upcoming episode, Pearl Jam will be able to quickly retweet. I am thinking the scheduling happens in bunches, hence Paul Simon’s team followed SNL the same day as PJ, for the same reason.

Paul Simon is an odd booking for 2019/2020 though… Maybe there is some highlight special coming up or something, featuring old performances by Pearl Jam, Paul Simon and others… Can’t be just a total coincidence.”

CW55354 chimed in, “Every year for I don’t know how long, I have put in for SNL tickets and have never gotten picked. Maybe this season the stars will align and I will get tickets and get to see Pearl Jam perform.” Bootlegger10 concluded, “This is what we are resorting to? Twitter following? Come on PJ. Announce something!” Foo Fighters leaked a massive Pearl Jam announcement last week.