KISS Icon ‘Turns Down’ Paul Stanley Reunion Performance


Paul Stanley isn’t need by Vinnie Vincent! Vincent who was a member of the ‘hottest band in the land’ from 1982-1984 was a guest on the ‘Rock and Roll Experience’ with Mike Brunn recently. Vincent discussed a variety of topics, including what type of effect did the religious protest have on Vinnie? Where was Vinnie while KISS recorded the I Love It Loud video? and so much more! Paul Stanley hiring new KISS replacement recently revealed.

On the KISSFaq fan forum, one user – Criss75 reacted to a very crucial part of the interview in which Vincent states that he will not be attending the upcoming KISS Kruise and subsequently doesn’t need Paul Stanley. The user wrote: ““Vinnie Vincent doesn’t need the (KISS) Kruise” That’s ballsy.”

Paul Stanley unloads on final KISS tour backlash. In other news regarding the 1980’s era KISS, the prime Vinnie Vincent era, fans took to the prominent fan forum for the ‘hottest band in the land’ over at KISSFaq to discuss what it was like to be a fan of KISS in the 80s.

MovieDemon stated: “By the time Animalize came out, KISS appeared to be very popular. They were on the radio, popping up on magazine covers again and MTV was really behind the band. That would continue throughout the ’80s. They were a very visible band at the time. From 1984 to 1988, KISS was a bonafide million+ sellers. It didn’t translate to huge tour statistics but they were quite popular at the time. It seems to be downplayed over the years (particularly by Gene) but KISS was selling very similar to other successful acts of the time. They were just never able to scale the heights of Bon Jovi or Def Leppard, but that shouldn’t be a bar for failure.”

While DeweyWarren replied: “It wasn’t easy being a fan of the band at the beginning of the decade. Everybody thought they sucked. I worried they were on their way out after Creatures. Taking off the makeup for Lick It Up felt like the band was throwing a “Hail Mary”, for sure. It seemed like a decade of being in survival mode, especially with Gene checking out for a while. It was nice to start hearing how big of an influence KISS was on the up and coming bands, starting in the late ’80s. Paul Stanley ‘backing out’ of KISS retirement claim leaks.