Paul Stanley Hiring New KISS Replacement Revealed


KISS great, Vinnie Vincent, who was a member of the ‘hottest band in the land’ from 1982-1984 was a guest on the ‘Rock and Roll Experience’ with Mike Brunn recently. Vincent discussed a variety of topics, including when did Vinnie officially know he was going to be joining the band? What did Vinnie really think of KISS before he joined? What does Vinnie think of the mix and sound on the Creatures album? and so much more. You can view that full interview below. Paul Stanley unloads on final KISS tour backlash.

Over on the KISSFaq fan forum, fans reacted to the interview, including one member named Doose: “That he was officially hired (received the contract) in September of 1982 even though Ace was still doing videos and promotion with them through December 1982, that Paul wanted an Ace-type player to replace Ace and didn’t want Vinnie, that he first wrote with Gene, that they wrote “I Love It Loud” at Diana Ross’ house, that he doesn’t remember much about the Creatures tour/low attendance, that he doesn’t like the production of Creatures, and that he felt the band was really tight by the time they did the shows in Brazil.”

The user continued: “I think a VV book is becoming more and more irrelevant as he does these interviews. Vinnie said he doesn’t remember a lot of details when Mike asked him some specifics, but we got the main brushstrokes of his time before joining KISS, joining KISS and through Creatures. Vinnie rambles on quite a bit, but Mike does a great job of trying to bring his focus back. I felt bad for Mike at the end when Vinnie was sort of bullying him into coming to the VD show with his wife, but Mike handled it well.”

Paul Stanley ‘backing out’ of KISS retirement claim leaks. The user also said: “Overall, as a long-time KISS fan, it was the best interview I’ve heard since Atlanta, but it also made me realize how there isn’t much more to Vinnie’s story other than his 18 mo. association with KISS. Bobby Rock did a great job of covering the VVI timeframe, and Mike did a great job covering this pre-KISS and Creatures period. Let’s see if Mike can score the interview that takes it from Brazil through him being fired after the LIU tour. Really nice job, Mike. I appreciated you approaching this interview more as a rock/KISS historian, rather than a fanboy letting him ramble (kind of like Mitch Lafon did).”

In other news regarding Vinnie Vincent era KISS, fans recently took to social media to reflect on one of Vincent’s biggest contributions to the group in 1982’s ‘Creatures of the Night’ album. One fan writing: One of KISS’ stand out albums. Hard Rock at its best with the addition of drummer Eric Carr. Notable songs: Title Track, I Love It Loud, I Still Love You, Rock and Roll Hell.” Paul Stanley KISS ‘fraud’ finally confirmed, is he done?