KISS’ Paul Stanley Apologizes For Bad Remark To Women


KISS singer and guitarist Paul Stanley apologized to female fans recently after miscommunication over the sizes for his new footwear PUMAs release. Paul Stanley made a ‘small size’ revelation earlier this week in a photo.

He first tweeted, “They’re All HERE NOW!! Check Them Out. Last Year Was A FAST SELLOUT And This Year Won’t Be Different. Women’s Sizes Too!” He added, “Women go up a size and half on the men’s size.” He later clarified, “SORRY!!!! IF YOU’RE A WOMEN’’S 8 YOU TAKE A MEN’S 6.5!!!”

Former KISS guitarist Vinnie Vincent posted a Christmas message to fans a couple of days ago, “A MESSAGE FROM: VINNIE VINCENT. Hey guys and fabulous girls, Im wishing you all a very MERRY CHRISTMAS and A HAPPY NEW YEAR.

its hard to believe its been a week already since that fantastic party and im still flying. I want to thank everyone for coming and allowing me to shredd for you and entertain everyone. In all sincerity Im the happiest ive been in ages, thanks to you. What started as a small private birthday for friends back in august set the blueprint for me to party and shredd for my friends in one gathering. There was a finite structure in the 80’s: records, tours, magazine interviews, record companies, bands, managers, and fans.

There was also a distance between fans and the artists and bands. Theres no rules anymore. Fans and artists can connect. The game is now what you make it and into want you want it to be. By sheer accident i’ve reinvented a way for me to bring us together in the most unusual and unconventional way. There’s no set plan to any of this, things are loose and just seem to come together out of nowhere. The best part is performing for you. the fire of the shredd is where it starts and ends and in between the party happens.

Where it goes, i wont know until we’re actually there. But i’m having the best time ever. And from all the comments ive read, you”re having as much fun as i am. I get to be like i was when i was a teenager playing in the basement inviting my friends over to sit around and enjoy the vibe, music and party. Its amazing how ive recaptured that time. This christmas party felt like the 80’s again, which was even more surreal. The one constant is that there’s so much on the list for the parties that we never seem to have enough days to do it all. The saying goes ‘time flies when you’re having fun’ and that we definitely are. This is just the beginning, i can tell you because ONCE YOU GET STARTED YOU JUST CAN’T STOP!” Gene Simmons recently revealed if Paul Stanley is ‘past his prime.’