Led Zeppelin Icon Leaks 2019 Comeback In New Photo


Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page recording in the studio for the first time in years with his girlfriend Scarlett Sabet. Jimmy Page called out a Robert Plant snub at a solo concert recently.

Scarlett wrote on social media, “I took this photo of Jimmy 16th May 2019, during the recording of Catalyst, at home in the studio at Tower House. This week was one of the most wonderful creative weeks of my life ❤️✨✨✨ And it was so incredible to watch Jimmy at work in the studio, he truly is a Master.”

Botticellli recently posted on Reddit about a surprising similarity between two Led Zeppelin and The Beatles classic songs. Foo Fighters savagely called out a Led Zeppelin ripoff last week.

“I first heard You Never Give Me Your Money the other day, when listening to the remastered Abbey Road this week. Around the 2:48 mark, I was suddenly EXTREMELY confused because I genuinely thought something had gone wrong and I’d accidentally skipped to (about the 3 minute mark in) Stairway to Heaven. I was absolutely CERTAIN that the Beatles had taken the riff from Zep (hello! naivety!), but then I googled it and realised YNGMYM was released two years previously.

I (now) know that Zep do not have the strongest history of crediting their ‘inspiration’, shall we say. But I can’t find anything about this anywhere online??? Only mention I could find whatsoever was from a forum post in 2003. I feel like I’m having a proper tin-foil hat moment here. Can anyone confirm these sound similar, or find any sources on whether this has been discussed?”

Isaacpriestley commented, “I don’t know about ‘You never give me your money,’ but ‘Something’ has the chords for ‘Stairway to Heaven’ in it!

The part beginning with ‘I don’t want to leave her now,’ is literally the same progression as the opening verses of ‘Stairway.'” Jimmy Page revealed a couple of months ago who ruined the Led Zeppelin reunion.