Metallica Reveal Why They ‘Abandoned’ Jason Newsted


The official Instagram account for Metallica recently posted this throwback and vintage photo of the band back from 1988. One fan, however, was upset that the group did not tag bassist Jason Newsted as the fellow Instagram user wrote: “Should have tagged Jason”. This caught the attention of the band’s Instagram account as it responded back to that fan: “That doesn’t appear to be his account anymore, bro.” A Metallica icon called out this ‘Cheater’ for big-name affair recently.

In other news revolving Metallica, fans of the group recently took to the band’s subreddit to discuss the news of Metallica topping the heavy metal section on “Most successful metal artists of 2019”. Sacredsix posted: “Too much focus on the screaming, growling and precision guitar playing. To me, it is becoming hyper-niche. Need more frontmen like James singing aggressively but clearly and more guitarists who are out there to create an amazing tonal vibe for the song and not a singular focus on speed and precision.” Jason Newsted’s tragic new Metallica photo revealed.

While Wattheball responded: “There’s absolutely zero vocal diversity anymore. Software that hyper aligns everything for you and takes the human element out of everything coupled with the most extreme screaming/growling is apparently what’s in now even though they all sound the exact same. It’s terrible. Home recording is a great thing but also the worst thing to happen to music. Used to be you had to really be an amazing live band which gets people talking. Now everyone can just use software to create really bland and boring copy+paste music and then redistribute it to every social media site and think they’re famous already without grinding it out and really being passionate about their craft.” Metallica’s ex-bassist unloads on Lars Ulrich disrespect.