Metallica Ex-Bassist Reveals Massive Reunion Offer


On Twitter recently former Metallica bassist Ron McGovney revealed his plans regarding one of the many festivals that Metallica is confirmed to headline for the 2020 concert season. The Epicenter Festival is one of these key dates and will be held at the world-famous Charlotte Motor Speedway from May 1 to 3rd in Charlotte, North Carolina. Metallica was spotted at a bar in this photo, is James Hetfield sober?

Besides Metallica, several A-list acts will be headlining and performing at the festival including Disturbed, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Deftones and many more. A Metallica fan on Twitter asked the one-time bassist of the group if he had any plans on attending the festival or being a part of the event in any capacity to which McGovney gave a surprising answer.

Dave Mustaine recently unloaded on Metallica disrespect at concert. In other news regarding Metallica, fans of the thrash-metal legends discussed what the best song for the group to open with was on a new topic within the Metallica subreddit.

WBO37 replied: “There is a lot in my opinion, but I’d love to be at a show and have ‘Phantom Lord’ be an opener. It’s such an underrated song and it definitely gets me pumped, I’m sure an audience would go nuts to a rare Kill ‘Em All song as a first.”

Passi0natelyC0nfused said: “For Whom the Bell Tolls would be a pretty sick opening, bells kick in then they all fly on getting the crowd hyped. Especially if the stage started pitch black, stays black through the opening chimes, then its full of light when the music kicks in.” Jason Newsted looks ‘miserable’ with Metallica in this new photo.