Metallica Finally Reveal Emotional Dave Grohl Secret


Metallica played their S&M shows over the weekend in San Francisco, and they surprised fans by playing all Dave Grohl and Foo Fighters music before the shows. They definitely revealed they’re die hard fans as well, as they played several deep cuts! Dave Grohl was filmed crying at a BBQ a couple of days ago.

ACertainBlueLobster reported on the Foo Fighters Reddit, “A large chunk of the music playing overhead before the show was our favorite lads.

In particular, I heard Lonely As You, DOA, and Burn Away. Pretty sure there were others, too.

It got me super pumped for the show, especially since those are some lesser heard tunes, so I figured I would share y’all. 🤘🤘”

Dave Grohl savagely called out a rude fan on video a few days ago. MetalMidge23 posted on the Metallica Reddit, “I’m still riding the high of seeing S&M 2 this past Sunday, but I’ve seen a lot of people complaining that not enough rarities were played and that Metallica just did this show for a cash grab on different forums, reddit, Facebook, etc. I don’t think this could be anything further from the truth, so I wanted to share a few song statistics:

The Call of Ktulu has only been played 86 times. Confusion has only been played 31 times. The Outlaw Torn has only been played 16 times. The Unforgiven III has only been played 10 times. All Within My Hands has only been played 5 times.

Iron Foundry was only played at these two shows and was a pretty cool instrumental for the boys to play with the symphony. The incredible Cliff tribute with Anesthesia (Pulling Teeth) was a big surprise, and Cliff’s dad was in attendance for this!

I really feel like the boys did all they could to showcase the symphony as well as give the fans something incredibly special. It was a show that I will never forget! Were there other songs I would’ve loved to hear? Of course, but the set is only 20 songs. The fact that we got the rarities listed above as well as No Leaf Clover, Wherever I May Roam, The Day That Never Comes, and other fantastic renditions of hits puts this show in the top tier of Metallica shows!

I’m glad that a lot have shown love for the shows as well, but I hope others can start to appreciate the show for what it was.” Metallica revealed disappointing Jason Newsted news last week.