AC/DC Icon Reveals Terrifying Metallica Singer Injury


AC/DC singer Brian Johnson discussed Metallica frontman James Hetfield burning himself at a concert on a new ‘Life on the Road’ AXS TV episode with Lars Ulrich. Alternative Nation transcribed Johnson and Hetfield’s comments. Howard Stern revealed why Brian Johnson really quit AC/DC recently.

Lars Ulrich said, “We played the same length, we each played full headline shows. We shared everything, billing, merchandising, and all of it. We had a summer together, we had a lot of fun together, that summer of 92.”

He later added, “We had the mishap with the pyro.”

A Metallica icon unloaded on an impersonator ripoff a few days ago. Brian Johnson then said in narration, “James Hetfield was badly burned by a pyrotechnic device, and Metallica had to cut short their performance.”

Lars Ulrich: We started doing one thing, I don’t know if you guys have ever done. We started basing. So what we would do a lot, is instead of going city to city, is we would go park ourselves in Paris for 2 or 3 weeks, and we would have our families come, and we would stay in Paris, and then we would just fly.

So we would go at 3 o’clock, we would fly to Belgium, play the show, and then after the show fly back to Paris. So we would be kind of in the same city, the same hotel room, you could actually unpack. You know the room service men, for the 75 dollar omelets.

Brian Johnson: You’re not kidding.

Lars: Unfortunately, we’re not kidding boys and girls. That was kind of the first time we were kind of exposed to that, and that made a big difference for us.

Brian: We found that was the best way to do things, because at least you had a home to get back to. An AC/DC icon recently called out a horrible Axl Rose performance.