Metallica Icon Makes James Hetfield ‘Sell Out’ Accusation


After posting a picture that he took of James Hetfield and his Gibson SG at band practice in 1980. One time Metallica bassist, Ron McGovney provided an update on the status of that very guitar! McGovney responded to a fan who stated: “I got my first guitar Christmas 1980. An Encore cherry sunburst Les Paul Custom copy. I wonder if James still has that SG. He must have gotten his famous bolt-on white Flying V copy shortly after this?” Metallica icon leaks horrible James Hetfield ‘relapse’ photo.

To which McGovney replied: “He sold the SG. I bet he would buy it back if it is found and proven to be the actual guitar that he owned.”

In other news regarding Metallica, fans recently took to the Steve Hoffman music forums to discuss the best sounding Metallica CDs. Skisdlimit said: “I think the original Megaforce CD of “Kill ’em All” is generally considered to be the best for that album, though I expect it’s prohibitively expensive, and I’m perfectly happy with my ’88 Elektra disc, which also has two great bonus tracks (“Am I Evil?” and “Blitzkrieg”). Metallica confirm James Hetfield ‘hiatus’ after rehab.

The user continued: ” I haven’t heard enough variations of RTL, MOP, or AJFA to make specific recommendations, but in general I’ve found that early Japanese pressings for quite a lot of CDs tend to be superior to their American counterparts, though not always; in other words, it’s a case-by-case basis. Whether these are ultimately worth the likely significant extra cost is, of course, up to you. For “The Black Album” my guess is that most CDs are the same mastering, but cannot say for sure. The good news there is that this one often can be had for fairly cheap, at least compared with the earlier titles in my experience, probably because it was such a big seller.”

While sathvyre mentioned: “Kill ’em All: Buy whatever you want – Mastering on Megaforce and later US pressing and Vertigo sounds very similar, only the levels are slightly different. Only Music For Nations sound thin and lifeless – it’s a different mastering without the little dropout in one track – I don’t remember which one). Ride The Lightning: Music For Nations CD for me. Has swapped channels, but sounds better, compared to the too bright Elektra CD for example. Vertigo is also nice. The Master Of Puppets: All old CD versions sound VERY similar (Elektra, Vertigo, Music For Nations).” James Hetfield ‘refusing’ to leave rehab for Metallica leaks.