Howard Stern Reveals Disturbing ‘Drunk’ Metallica Claim


Howard Stern recently aired a classic clip with comedian Jim Florentine, where he discussed partying with Metallica, including drummer Lars Ulrich. Alternative Nation transcribed his comments. Gavin Rossdale recently leaked a heartbreaking James Hetfield video.

“He gets in the car with me, and I find a nap sack, and I feel bad because it’s an NYU student, he’s got all of his books, oh this poor bastard kid, he’s probably got $200 of books. Let me hold onto it for the night, and I’ll send it in the morning. Well this rubs Lars the wrong way, ‘Dude, why would you carry a fucking nap sack all night all night, get rid of the fucking nap sack.’ So I’ve got it, and it slowly irritated him.

He’s starting to drink a little, I’ve just never seen the wild, wild side. We’ve hung out and moshed on buses, tore it up in San Francisco, but I never really saw this side. So we’re at this club, having a drink, and this kid obviously knew it was Lars. He said, ‘Excuse me, can I bum a cigarette off you.’ Lars turns around, ‘Did it fucking occur to you sometime tonight before you engaged in this evening that you might want to have some cigarettes.”

A Metallica member took a brutal shot at Jason Newsted in a new photo. Florentine continued, “You might not know it, but I worked really fucking hard for this pack of cigarettes, so why don’t you go buy yourself a pack huh?’ The guy is a little offended, he’s drunk, and he’s with some big boys. I’m like, ‘Listen, it’s cool.’ He’s like, ‘No, go buy yourself some fucking cigarettes.’”

He then said Lars tossed the nap sack after they left the club, and all the books fell out. Lars then ranted about the kid who wanted the cigarette. He said Lars later walked through traffic, and he was banging on hoods unloading on drivers.

“I swear to you, if they wrote this scene in a movie, it would be a little over the top. He stepped on the back of a car, walked along the windshield over the top, down on the hood.” A Metallica icon called out a blatant Dave Mustaine ripoff a few days ago.