Michael Jackson Family Makes Bad David Bowie & Prince Claim


Michael Jackson’s daughter Paris Jackson recently revealed that she has tattoos in honor of David Bowie and Prince, who both died in 2016, 7 years after her father. Michael Jackson’s daughter recently leaked a painful Jimmy Page secret.

Paris Jackson is also a big 90’s rock fans, and David Bowie was good friends with Nine Inch Nails frontman Trent Reznor.

GarlonOrb posted on Reddit, “David Bowie and Trent Reznor have a long history together. When he was going to tour for 1. Outside, he chose Nine Inch Nails as his support. But NIN was more than just an opening act, they actually made it so that the two artists’ shows transitioned into each other.

After NIN’s main set, they began to play ‘Subterraneans’ with Trent on the sax and then Bowie casually walked out on stage and sang a few lines, then they both played ‘Scary Monsters’, ‘Reptile’, ‘Hallo Spaceboy’, and ‘Hurt’ as duets before Trent waved goodbye and left the stage! Also, Trent did a remix of ‘The Hearts Filthy Lesson’ that is amazing.

A couple of years later, Trent did the remix of ‘I’m Afraid of Americans’, and also starred in the music video for the song. That remix pretty much became the “default” version of the song, which Bowie featured on all compilations from then on.

For NIN’s latest tour, there was a ton of Bowie love. Trent covered ‘Subterraneans’ almost nightly, and then occasionally ‘I Can’t Give Everything Away.’ Also, the song ‘This Isn’t The Place’ off of Add Violence is about Bowie.” Michael Jackson’s daughter recently made a creepy Freddie Mercury claim.