Howard Stern Reveals When Mick Jagger Will Die


The Rolling Stones frontman Mick Jagger may want Howard Stern to ‘get off’ his cloud after some news from his show this week. Stern had a segment on his show earlier this week where he had the ‘ghost’ of Joan Rivers predict the next celebrity deaths, and she predicted that Jagger and Stern himself are next. Mick Jagger taking a plane to see Prince before he died was recently revealed. recapped: Howard said they miss Joan Rivers terribly. He said they’re going to contact her in heaven now. He said he thinks she’s as sharp as a tack in the afterlife. Howard contacted Joan who was going off script a little bit and threw Howard off. Howard didn’t understand a joke she told. She had to explain it to him.

Joan said she’s using her tits for jump ropes now. She said heaven is star studded. She said Howard will see. She said she saw Nicole Simpson and she goes as a Pez dispenser every Halloween. she said Ray Charles f***ed Marilyn Monroe. She said it was actually her. She said Thomas Jefferson is there and he wants to know how much for Robin. Howard said tell him times have changed.

Howard asked if Joan is getting any action there. Joan said she’s the only woman who says MeToo with a please after it. She said last night George Washington went down on her. She said she’s still trying to take the splinters out of her ****.

Mick Jagger was recently forced to pay a large bill. Joan said that Mick Jagger is going to be next. She said when he says Start ME Up now he’s pointing to a defibrillator. Joan said that she’ll see Howard soon. She said don’t worry, he won’t die in a freak Peloton accident next Thursday. Joan floated off after that.

Howard asked how exciting that was. Robin said it was amazing. Howard said they were off to a slow start but they did alright. Howard said he has to take a break and he’ll do the following after that. He said he’ll give an update on Wendy the Slow Adult. Robin said she was in a rehab facility last time. Howard said she’s still there. He said they will find out about a new singer Sal found. He said he may play a game too. He said he’ll get to more calls and other things too. Howard Stern revealed a Paul McCartney hotel room demand last week.