AC/DC Member Unloads On Vicious Axl Rose Insult


Former AC/DC singer Dave Evans recently responded to a comment that savagely insulted Axl Rose. An AC/DC icon just leaked a ‘skinny’ Angus Young photo.

A fan named Daniel commented, “Malcolm Young said in an old interview Dave, that you were concerned greatly with your image. I wonder why they leave out the fact that although you were a bit different than Bon Scott obviously. You were a 100% perfect f***ing fit for the band at the time and they know it lol.

You make a guy like Axel Rose look like a screaming uninteresting queen lol. For me I love Bon, but seeing your effectiveness over the years and knowing your history it’s quite obvious to me you’d have gone the whole way with the band as well.

It’s quite evident seeing how well you handle Arenas and large concerts in South America. It’s just great being proven correct when I first discovered your music over a d3cade ago Dave!”

Evans responded, “Yes, Daniel you were astute back then for sure and could see the truth of the matter as I have proven since those times over and over again. I just kept rockin and shockin while others fell by the wayside and could not go the distance.

I never worry about others but just mind my own business and keep rockin’ and shockin’ with fantastic musicians around the world and entertaining people from all countries and nationalities who love rock :).” An AC/DC member recently revealed a ‘balding’ singer photo, is it Brian Johnson?