Eddie Van Halen Son Reveals If He Killed Career


Van Halen bassist Wolfgang Van Halen reacted to a fan demanding he release his solo album and calling his father Eddie Van Halen and Alex Van Halen ‘idiots’ who are ‘killing’ his music career. Eddie Van Halen ‘fraud’ was called out by a bandmate yesterday.

John Schroeder told Wolfgang, “Put your album out. Don’t let the idiot VH brothers kill your music career before it even starts.”

Wolfgang responded, “I was gonna, but after this tweet? Nah. Side note, how would you feel if a cranky stranger called your father and uncle idiots? It’s a waste of time being so negative, my guy.”

John Schroeder shot back, “Negative? You are a musician that recorded an album. Why let whomever dictate to you when it is released?”

David Lee Roth unloaded on a terrible paycheck over the weekend. ilross chimed in, “He’s not. He just told whomever ‘Nah’ when whomever tried to tell him to release it. #irony

Wolfgang said, “Lol blatant sarcasm seemed to fly over both of your heads, but go off. I thought it was pretty clear haha.”

He added, “Let’s put aside the fact that you basically just said ‘Give me music, also I hate your family.’ No dumb little tweet will influence the release of any of my music. It was SARCASM. The fact you took it seriously worries me a little.”

John Schroeder responded, “It’s up to you to save the VH legacy. Release the stuff in the vault. The demos from the first album. Women and Children outtakes, etc…make a lot of money and fans get what they want. Win win.”

Wolfgang shot back, “Nah, you don’t want to listen to what those idiots made.”

ilross wrote, “Oh I thought that stuff about your dad, uncle, and negativity was sincere…”

Wolfgang posted in response, “I circled the sarcasm in that tweet since you’re having such a hard time finding it. The circle is red. Everything that is circled is sarcasm. Everything that isn’t sarcasm is not circled.” A Van Halen icon was allegedly ‘stabbed in the back’ by a bandmate.