Paul McCartney Takes Awful Shot At The Beach Boys


The official Instagram account for late The Beatles icon John Lennon tweeted out the following quote. The quote is taken from an old interview in which Lennon is talking about the making of his masterclass second solo studio album, Imagine, which was released in 1971. John Lennon revealed this sad George Harrison paycheck.

During this interview, The legendary late vocalist for The Beatles took a swipe at another rock and roll institution in The Beach Boys summing up his thoughts, along with the thoughts of his entire bandmates at the time, including fellow vocalist Paul McCartney. You can view the picture along with the interview quoted below. John Lennon’s widow was spotted with Ringo Starr. 

“The first thing that amazed us about America was – when we came over here in ’64, all the reporters said, ‘Where’s your influences from? What kind of music do you like?’⠀

Everything we said was black except for Elvis Presley and Jerry Lee Lewis. And they didn’t know what it was and we didn’t know about all this ‘race’ record business. We had no idea there was a separate division. Music was music. It comes off the record. That’s it. It’s music, man.⠀

We were talking about all these black people and all their faces were changing. ‘Oh right, you don’t go for The Beach Boys and Jan & Dean and all that?’ ⠀

We said,‘Come on man, that’s rubbish!’ ⠀

So one thing we always did was to tell where we got our music from. In fact when we arrived in ’64 we only ever talked about Chuck Berry, Bo Diddley, Little Richar, and by then they were not as big as they had been in the Fifties. They had already been and gone but we virtually resurrected them.”⠀

John at the kitchen table in the Main House at Tittenhurst. On the table Yoko’s mirrored artwork, A Box Of Smile, 1967/1971. In the corner in the background, John’s 1961 Wurlitzer 2500 jukebox with a colour photograph of Elvis Presley in army uniform on top. Tittenhust, 22 July 1971.⠀This John Lennon creepy death remark finally leaked.