Neil Young ‘Rejects’ Horrible The Beatles Performance


Neil Young recently rejected the idea of having fans join onstage for soundchecks like Paul McCartney does when he rehearses The Beatles songs in a new Neil Young Archives Q&A. Michael Jackson’s daughter was caught dating a member of The Beatles in a surreal photo.

A fan asked, “Dear Neil, I haven’t been a reader of the NYA-TC from the very start so apologies if this has already been covered, but I was wondering, since your shows have no setlist and it is all about what feels right in the moment, what happens at soundchecks—is that also just whatever you and the band feel like playing? Have there been any songs that have just fallen out of your guitar mid-soundcheck and you’ve thought ‘I’ll use that later’?

Also, do you ever let people sit in on soundchecks? I think some artists like Paul McCartney offer it to competition winners (and other bands probably are offering it for fans with the deepest pockets!). I only ask as I’m traveling from England to Amsterdam to see you later in the year and as yet have no other plans, so wouldn’t want to miss out on some extra NY/POTR if there’s any going! Many thanks for all the music, especially when it brings light in the darkest times. Tom.”

Young responded, “No soundcheck guests. No lists. Just practice things we don’t know. peace NY.”

Another fan asked, “Dear Archivists- Getting back to the Vol1 era, is there any hope of getting the Buffalo Springfield Box Set (rhino) tracks up and and streaming on NYA? Even just the Neil penned tracks would be great to have as they are such a key part of the BS story. Tracks like “Falcon Lake (Ash On The Floor)” and “I’m Your Kind of Guy” are essential to the Neil Story and would be great additions. Are they just sitting in their place in line in the remastering queue? Would love to meet them again, someday. Thanks! Crawler Omar.”

Neil shot back, “Dear Omar, Those tracks and I’m Your Kind of Guy are available now. Please just use the search key (top right) on NYA page. NYA.” Neil Young leaving great tips at a restaurant was just revealed.