Ozzy Osbourne Family Unloads On ‘Sexual Harrasment’ Claim


Ozzy Osbourne‘s wife, the incomparable Sharon Osbourne recently unloaded on the state of the Grammy Awards on her highly successful panel show ‘The Talk’ this past week. Osbourne sounded off on the allegations of sexual harassment and irregularities in regard to voting that was conducted by the Recording Acadamy of Arts & Sciences’ CEO – Deborah Dugan. It should be noted that the Academy has feverishly denied all allegations. Ozzy Osbourne’s family recently leaked this ‘last photo’ before sad death.

“Everybody knew it was rigged,” Osbourne stated, talking about voting concerns. Later stating that the Academy’s board is “run by middle-aged, white wannabes with no creative talent at all.” As well as describing them as “power-hungry” and “money-hungry.”. Also saying: “They obviously didn’t have great youths and they’re taking it out on everybody,”

Dugan has since stepped down after Osbourne’s comments. In other news regarding Sharon Osbourne’s husband, Ozzy Osbourne – fans recently took to the ‘Ozzman’s’ official Facebook page to offer well wishes and support after learning not too long ago that Osbourne is suffering through a battle with Parkinson’s Disease. Ozzy Osbourne’s ‘embarrassing’ Brad Pitt claim recently revealed.

Janell wrote: “Ozzy, I’m a nurse. I’ve witnessed people with your diagnosis get knocked down yet rise back up and shake their fists in its face. I have total faith you will be among such champions. The hearts of so many are with you, my friend. Never, never give up..you are so loved.” While Debi stated: “We love you, prince of darkness Ozzy! You’re an inspiration to many people and have moved us with your passion and music. You are a legend and you will keep on fighting strongOzzy Osbourne’s heartbreaking ‘goodbye’ note recently revealed.