Ozzy Osbourne Spotted With Four Young Women


Legendary Black Sabbath frontman Ozzy Osbourne has uploaded a photo of himself with four beautiful young Philadelphia Eagles cheerleaders. Ozzy was called a ‘mutant’ yesterday by a surprising name.

He wrote on Instagram, “Aug. 13, 2007 with the @PhiladelphiaEagles Cheerleaders at the @EAMaddenNFL 2008 launch party at @ESPN Zone NYC.”

Osbourne had reportedly been doing well overcoming his sex addiction in recent years, but in 2017 he opened up to Hello Magazine about how he fell off the wagon after cheating on his wife Sharon with hairstylist Michelle Pugh.

Ozzy said, “She was a hairdresser who was coming round to the house. I honestly don’t know how it started, but then it picked up momentum and I thought, ‘If I stop, she’s going to go to the press.’ By giving in to temptation, you put your head in the lion’s mouth, but then it closes, and no matter which way you go, you’ve done wrong.”

Sharon said, “I knew that she was overly flirty with Ozzy — you know when people over-laugh at things you say? — but to be truthful with you, I thought, ‘He would never go with that, ever,” Sharon said. “[I thought] ‘She’s just an old rock chick. Never in a million years.'”

Sharon found out about the affair through the press, and when news came out, Ozzy “was scared to death” that Sharon would leave him. “My first wife divorced me because of my playing around. It’s by far the worst addiction that I have. When I was drinking or doing drugs, I was affecting myself physically, but with the sex addiction, it affects everybody. It made me realize what a complete idiot I was.”

“I sat down and I thought, ‘What the hell have I done?'” he continued. “I can’t imagine life without Sharon. She’s my soulmate. I love her. I can honestly say that I’ve never loved any other woman besides Sharon. I’ve got a crazy-assed way of showing it, but she’s the love of my life.” Lars Ulrich revealed what Ozzy Osbourne did to Metallica earlier this week.