Paul McCartney ‘Miserable’ Shower Photo Leaked By Wife


The Instagram account for Paul McCartney‘s late wife, the unforgettable Linda McCartney recently took this photo of a stonefaced Sir Paul with then-infant daughter Mary McCartney. This was a self-portrait that Linda snapped back in 1969 in London, England. You can view the photo below. Paul McCartney caught with drugs on plane in this bad photo.

In other news relating to Paul McCartney fans recently took to the Beatles subreddit to discuss who the better all-around singer is/was – Paul McCartney or John Lennon. idreamofpikas said: ” It’s difficult to say. Technically Paul is the better singer, with the greater range but Lennon has the more unique voice. I’ve heard covers of Paul’s songs that have matched or even beat his version, while I’ve rarely heard the same for John(and the times that I have it is has not been down to the vocals). I’d say Lennon edges it because of that. There is a world-weariness to his voice that makes his songs sound wise.”

Paul McCartney breaks silence on ‘young girl’ accusation. Vegetables_vegetab stated: “Paul for me personally. I could listen to Paul sing the phone book. Especially at his vocal peak which was early-mid 70s in my opinion, although arguably he has several peaks. No one else is as versatile or has as great a range, or just sounds so damn good! John is obviously great too, and we’re lucky we get to hear them sing together, two of the greatest voices in music history!”

While lango6 replied: “You asked who the better singer as opposed perhaps to the better vocalist. Maybe that’s a distinction without a difference for some, but to me, I include performance aspects with the former, and for that reason, John ranks higher. While Paul is clearly the better vocalist, I’ve never found the same kind of earnestness I hear from John. John had the ability to convey the emotion that Paul did (or could) not. So to the extent that singing is more than merely making pleasant sounds with vocal cords, but connecting with an audience and communicating more than just notes and lyrics, I’m afraid (or just happy that) John was superior.” Michael Jackson’s family reveals sad Paul McCartney secret.