Paul Stanley Hires KISS Replacement For Big Money


One Paul Stanley and Kiss superfan via the Kissfaq fan forums brought to attention this piece of unique Kiss history that is being auctioned off on EBay. This piece of merchandise is actually a letter written out by Eric Carr’s CPA. According to the listing, when Carr first joined Kiss, he filed for an American Express card only a few months after his debut. However, the company after running Eric Carr’s name had no record of credit so they rejected him. This letter is from Carr’s CPA pleading the case to American Express that the Kiss member was entitled to a credit card. Paul Stanley ‘loses his voice’ singing KISS song in this bad video.

Most notably, however, the letter tells how the one-time Kiss member was earning one-hundred thousand dollars a year back when the letter was written, which is equal to $312,313.11 in current funds.

The letter reads as thusly.

Dear Mr. Stevens,

Our client asked us to write you regarding your rejection of his American Express card application. Mr. Carr inadvertently gave you his stage name rather than his legal name which is Paul Caravello. Please be advised that Mr. Carr earns $100,000 a year and is quite credit-worthy. Because he travels extensively, an American Express card would be most helpful to him. We would appreciate your reconsidering your decision but should have any questions please contact me at my New Jersey office.

Very truly yours,

Barry Miller, CPA

Paul Stanley was mocked for ‘laughable’ KISS performance. This piece of interesting Kiss memorabilia had the Kissfaq forum members intrigued as one forum member stated: “Eric Carr was easily worth more than that. And besides … he had a model for a girlfriend and, as I understand it, they’re not the kind who are satisfied hanging around the house, all day.”

This KISS icon recently revealed what Michael Jackson did to Paul Stanley. While another one wrote: “Every band, label, and publicist made up stories. My dad managed some big bands and they used to sit around making up stories about them. To be honest, kiss lied way less than most bands especially new bands trying to get attention.”