Paul Stanley Reveals How He Lost Millions With KISS


Paul Stanley recently revealed how managed to lose millions of dollars! The revelation came in a  new interview with Dean Delray’s podcast entitled “Let There Be Talk” where the KISS frontman revealed that Stanley spent upward to two and a half million dollars on a rare guitar collection, telling the host that he managed to sell nine of the axes for fifty-thousand dollars. KISS icon Paul Stanley revealed this creepy wife photo recently.

As Stanley himself told the podcast:

“ I had a great collection of really pristine examples of every guitar that I wanted. I had a case built in my house, my apartment and they all hung on piano wire with a light above them in a glass case. I still have quite a few photos. At some point, I just, I don’t know. I can sometimes reach a point with things that I’ve collected where I’ve had enough. Maybe it serves its purpose or I accomplished the goal which was to have all these great guitars and then I kind of wanted to move on – which was kind of crazy. So, I sold, I think, it was nine guitars. I sold the nine guitars for fifty-thousand dollars and made a profit.“

Stanley added:

“That collection today arguably is worth probably two and a half and a half million dollars. However, I did pretty well. You have to put everything into perspective and in the scheme of things, all has turned out well. Yet, I guess in some ways just hearing people talk about a guitar that is now known as the “Stanley Burst”? It’s very cool.”

Paul Stanley revealed this terrible Jimmy Page photo a couple of days ago. During that same interview, Stanley also discussed his relationship with legendary KISS bassist Gene Simmons. Stanley replied:

 “I said things in the book [Face The Music: A Life Exposed] that I felt were true, and I would stand by what I said. But it doesn’t negate that in the scheme of things, he’s been a terrific partner, he’s a brother and his family. Certainly there were things that I spoke about in the book that isn’t true anymore, but they were, to me, at some point. And that book was an overview of my life. And I didn’t say anything to hurt anyone, and I didn’t wanna throw anybody under the bus. There were a few people who walked under the bus — I didn’t have to throw ’em.”

Stanley concluded:

“I think Gene has always respected that I have my own perspective, and again, I couldn’t be closer to him than I am now. Totally. I speak to him often.” Paul Stanley grabbed this young A-list actress in a recent photo.