Kurt Cobain Daughter Gross Health Scare Revealed


Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love’s daughter Frances Bean Cobain released a new video at an airport on social media where she is afraid of catching the flu, and wipes gross germs off of a chair she’s sitting in. Cobain said, “It’s about to be flu season again kids. Nope…not today Satan.”

Courtney Love recently tore into Joss Sackler, from the notorious Sacker Big Pharma family, on her social media, posting a photo of a drug pill bottle.

She wrote, “I really hope I ruined her day. Even if that’s all I did to that family for today.” She added, “SHOW US THE 8FIGURE ADDICT ETC CHARITIES @josssackler ITS MONDAY.”

Courtney Love made a disturbing Kurt Cobain murder claim a couple of days ago. She posted as well, “Also ‘recent news and more to Run on Monday’ regarding these Sackler charities .. ONLY BIG PHARMA .. 8 figures .. supporting addicts etc (the ‘etc’ infuriates me .. it just does) to run MONDAY( TODAY.. where is it?? Purdue Pharma – Sackler family don’t give money to drug issues they have caused .. 1000’s of things they could give to.. CPR? Virginia? Kentucky? Narcane? Thebaine? Anyway.. ‘designers don’t do drugs.’ I didn’t ask that! What? Assholes!”

Courtney Love recently was asked if she got Kurt Cobain hooked on heroin. Love added, “And then this publicist of @josssackler refused to answer even one question regarding the ‘addict charities’ I asked about through my publicist..her ‘reasoning’ is not mine. If my publicist didn’t beat her publicist up, that’s called CIVILITY IN THE TOWN SQUARE, without it we would not have civility, such as it is.. however, Sean McPherson, #boweryhotel why are You taking #sackler money? Civility and discourse run out when evil like her is allowed to exist like this.” MetalheadZone captured the video.