Pearl Jam Drummer Announces Los Angeles Concert


Colin Blunstone of The Zombies is scheduled to play a huge show with an even bigger twenty-piece band. Joining Colin will be none other than Matt Cameron of Pearl Jam. Cameron is known best for his immaculate drumming work for both Soundgarden and Pearl Jam as Pearl Jam went into the midway point of their career. Pearl Jam just offered an update on their 2022 tour.

Everyone is looking forward to seeing what Matt Cameron can do with an orchestral type of setting. Knowing Matt Cameron as a musician, it’s really no challenge at all to this absolute monster on the drum kit.

Matt Cameron likes to keep a low profile, so it is a huge shock to see him out and about on such another form of a grand stage. Matt Cameron saw himself in the middle of a debate recently over tickets for Eddie Vedder shows.

Of course, Matt Cameron is not to blame at all, but due to his attachment with Eddie Vedder through Pearl Jam, it just seems to happen that way. Pearl Jam fans were upset that the ticket prices were jacked up to so highly. Ticket prices for Eddie Vedder were seen as high as $250 per ticket which really upset fans as Eddie Vedder and Pearl Jam had made it clear before that they would never want ticket prices to be unfeasible by their fans.

Sadly, they didn’t stick by their word. That all said, Pearl Jam and Eddie Vedder can’t totally be blamed as they don’t set the ticket prices for their shows. That’s due to their label, the ticket outlets, and their managers and everyone else involved at the top of the musical food chain.

We will have to see if Eddie Vedder and Pearl Jam go back to fighting the good fight for ticket prices or if they just let things slide on by.